100% biodegradable tableware products

June 23, 2021

Latest company news about 100% biodegradable tableware products

latest company news about 100% biodegradable tableware products  0

Uncontrolled production and use of disposable plastic tableware will cause global energy problems. Methods to Solve Disposable Plastic Tableware At present, the two methods proposed in China to solve the use of disposable packaging plastics are to use paper tableware and biodegradable plastic tableware.

First, let's briefly talk about what are paper tableware and biodegradable plastic tableware? Paper tableware refers to the pulp molded tableware material (the main material is plant fiber). The degradable plastic tableware can be divided into three basic categories: photodegradation, biodegradation and starch degradation.

Now we will talk about the degradation of pulp molded tableware and biodegradable plastic tableware.

What are the conditions for degradable plastic tableware?

According to the producer: It is possible to achieve such a process within 6 months under the conditions of industrialized composting.

What are the composting conditions for industrialization?

A certain temperature: usually 50-60 degrees Celsius, which can not be reached by ordinary soil. In addition, a certain humidity, a certain flora, and a certain amount of oxygen consumption are required to reach the conditions of industrial composting. These conditions are not achievable in any natural environment.

Putting aside the problem of the material itself, there is currently no general industrialized composting industry in China, and the garbage sorting and recycling system is not working well. Promoting the use of "degradable plastics" may bring new "white pollution". The publicity of "degradable plastics" can easily lead the public to think that it is a material that "can disappear without processing" and cause misleading.

What will happen to ordinary soil?

In 2010, the Agricultural University of Athens, Greece used the actual Mediterranean soil to do the degradation test of PLA biodegradable plastic, and it was only part of the physical body and part of the fragmentation in 11 months. In 2014, the Central South University of Forestry and Technology simulated natural soil. After 12 months of PLA's plastic test, the quality loss was only 0.23% after 12 months, and there was almost no degradation.

What happens when you enter the ocean?

In 2017, the 400-day test conducted by the University of Myloit in Germany showed that various biodegradable plastics were degradable in industrial composting and placed in seawater and fresh water. In the end, the PLA had only about 0.5% mass loss. It's really not easy to see if the degradable plastic tableware needs to be degraded, so many harsh conditions.

Then let's look at the degradation conditions of pulp molding, as long as the pulp molded tableware is buried in ordinary soil.