burger and sandwish wrapping paper

May 27, 2021

Latest company news about burger and sandwish wrapping paper

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latest company news about burger and sandwish wrapping paper  0

1. Design drafts or samples, design according to the materials provided by customers, and communicate at any time until the design is satisfied!
2. Food bag size (width * length * side), color, weight, quantity, and important factors directly affect the quality and price of food paper bags.
3. Customized quantity, material and required accounting price, quotation!
4. Printing: one-color, two-color, three-color, four-color, five-color (optional).
5. Construction period: Calculated from the date of placing the order and determined according to the customized quantity, generally 10-20 days.
6. Transportation: As food bags are heavy goods, logistics is recommended for large quantities of goods.

7. All quotations do not include freight and edition fees, which are borne by the buyer. Specific in accordance with the logistics and express charging standards.

8. After the production and shipment of the machine points, after all the quantities are released, the customer will be notified by telephone or Wangwang and other online chat tools

9. Color difference: If the food bag is printed according to the design draft, the color difference is unavoidable. If the customer is strict about the printing color, please send us samples.


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