Composite flexible packaging materials-aluminized film‘s applications and features’

May 27, 2021

Latest company news about Composite flexible packaging materials-aluminized film‘s applications and features’

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Metalized application:

Currently, the most widely used aluminum-plated films are polyester aluminum-plated film (VMPET) and CPP aluminum-plated film (VMCPP). The function of aluminum plating on the surface of the film is to block light and prevent ultraviolet radiation. It not only extends the shelf life of the contents, but also improves the brightness of the film. It replaces aluminum foil to a certain extent. It is also cheap, beautiful and has good barrier properties. Therefore , Aluminized film is widely used in composite packaging. It is currently mainly used in the packaging of dry and puffed foods such as biscuits and the outer packaging of some medicines and cosmetics.


Metalized Feature:

(1) Save energy and materials and reduce costs.
(2) It has excellent folding resistance and good toughness, with few pinholes and cracks, and no bending and cracking. Therefore, it has improved barrier properties against gas, water vapor, odor, light, etc.
(3) It has excellent metallic luster, with a light reflectivity of up to 97%; and it can be treated with paint to form a colored film, and its decorative effect is unmatched by aluminum foil.
(4) Shielding type can be used for partial aluminization to obtain any pattern or transparent window so that the contents can be seen.
(5) The aluminum-plated layer has good electrical conductivity and can eliminate electrostatic effects; it has good sealing performance, especially when packaging powdered products, it will not contaminate the sealing part, ensuring the sealing performance of the packaging.
(6) It has good adaptability to post-processing such as printing and lamination.
Due to the above characteristics, aluminized film has become a new type of composite film with excellent performance, economy and beauty, and has replaced aluminum foil composite materials in many aspects. Mainly used for vacuum packaging of flavored foods and agricultural products, as well as packaging of medicines, cosmetics, and cigarettes. In addition, aluminized films are also widely used as hot stamping materials and trademark label materials in printing.