What is the difference between cold mounting and hot mounting? Which one is better, cold laminating film or plastic sealing film?

December 4, 2021

Latest company news about What is the difference between cold mounting and hot mounting? Which one is better, cold laminating film or plastic sealing film?

Plastic sealing machines generally have cold laminating and hot laminating functions. Many people don’t understand what cold laminating and hot laminating are~

Hot mounting is our common plastic sealing film, also called plastic film.

Cold laminating requires cold laminating film, at room temperature, and only relies on machine pressure for plasticizing.

Specifically, the difference can be seen in materials and operation methods.

1. Cold laminating, combined with the use of cold laminating film, common PVC + self-contained glue, single-sided film, no need for a plastic sealing machine, you can also use a ruler and other scrapers to pass the plastic manually; types include glossy, frosted, matte, etc.

2. Hot laminating, combined with the use of hot laminating film, generally called plastic sealing film, lamination film, lamination film, etc., the most common is PET+EVA, which requires a laminating machine and heating before operation; types include glossy, frosted, tactile, Adhesive, color, perforated film, UV, antibacterial film, etc.

Operation method:

1. Cold laminating film: No machine is needed, it can be operated by hand. It requires manual work and meticulous work. Pay attention to one corner while operating, tearing and scraping to avoid air bubbles. It is easier to operate with a plastic sealing machine. Cold laminating film is suitable for manual DIY and leaf specimens. , a small amount of photos and other operations, the longer it is left, the better the stickiness will be.

2. Laminating film: A laminating machine is required. Small laminating machines are now very cheap, and entry-level ones can meet basic requirements.

Summary: Cold laminating film is more suitable for manual plastic sealing of specimens, etc. It is glued on one side. If double-sided is required, it needs to be operated twice. The plastic film operation is simple, but it requires the use of a laminating machine.


1. Cold laminating film is pressed by hand or flattened by machine. Just be careful not to produce bubbles.

2. Plastic film is relatively durable and easy to operate. Long-lasting photos can last up to 30 years.

If you don’t want to equip a plastic sealing machine, the quantity is small, or the operation is manual, buy cold laminating film; if you want to plasticize in large quantities, choose plastic film~


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